Participation Considerations
The Dtravel DAO aims to be as inclusive as possible and to proactively promote and enable participation within the Dtravel DAO by all TRVL token holders.
Cognisant that many Dtravel network members, Hosts, and Guests may not be as familiar with cryptocurrencies or DAO structures as others, the Dtravel DAO Representative Council is working on governance solutions that remove many of the current barriers to decentralized governance, such as: high gas fees; the need for members to establish and manage non-custodial wallets; staking and voting complexity; enable voting across multiple blockchain platforms; and other current blockchain-native processes that may alienate DAO participation and, consequently, decentralization of the Dtravel network.
Details on DAO participation mechanics and processes will be outlined in the Dtravel DAO Constitution.
Last modified 4mo ago
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