Dtravel DAO
Dtravel DAO governance enables all TRVL token holders to actively participate in the direction of the Dtravel network by contributing to and voting on proposals that will be submitted by the Dtravel DAO Representative Council.
The Dtravel DAO Representative Council will initially comprise 9 members. As additional expertise is required they may consult or invite new members to participate in the Representative Council.
Once the Dtravel platform is live and operational, elections will be held every epoch for Host representatives that are part of the Dtravel DAO Representative Council.

Representative Council Responsibilities

The Dtravel DAO Representative Council is responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of Dtravel and for delivering accountable performance in accordance with the Dtravel DAO goals and objectives, as set out in the Dtravel DAO Constitution.
Responsibilities of the Dtravel DAO Representative Council include: overseeing all proposals submitted to the DAO; preparing, promoting, and managing Dtravel DAO proposals which require voting; and reporting and publishing all vote outcomes.
The appointment of management and operational contributors required to administer the fiduciary responsibilities of the Community Treasury, Community Growth Fund and Property Protection Pool.

Representative Council elections

The Dtravel DAO Representative Council members are elected each Epoch. Details and processes relating to elections will be included in the Dtravel DAO Constitution which will be made publicly available.
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