Protection Pool
The purpose of the Protection Pool is to ensure that all properties hosting on Dtravel have assistance available in the event that damages which are beyond the settlement of the guest occur (subject to terms and conditions).
To ensure that the Protection Pool is sustainable in perpetuity and also reflects the growth of the Dtravel network, the Protection Pool receives 10% of booking fee revenue received by the Community Treasury. Since the Community Treasury typically receives 10% of the base price of every booking (when the effective total fee is 10%), the Protection Pool will typically receive 1% of the base price of every booking.
Soon after the TGE, the Community Treasury will transfer 1,000,000 TRVL to the Protection Pool. This amounts to 0.1% of the maximum TRVL supply, 0.4% of the Community Treasury's allocation and 2% of the Community Treasury's allocation at the TGE.
As part of Dtravel’s asset management practices, the Dtravel DAO's Protection Pool team will:
  • Gradually convert the Protection Pool's funds to stablecoins;
  • Stake part of the Protection Pool's funds to yield-generating DeFi protocols to grow the pool while managing risk.
Until the Protection Pool reaches the milestone of having US$1,000,000 in stablecoins, the Dtravel DAO is committed to granting loans from the Community Treasury to the Protection Pool, in case the Protection Pool needs additional funds to assist hosts.
The Protection Pool will be managed by a dedicated Protection Pool team. Over time, it is envisioned that community members will participate in the Protection Pool team through the Community DAO Support-to-Earn program.
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