Community Members
We define community members as anyone holding TRVL tokens.
To ensure that as many hosts and guests as possible are community members, 90,000,000 TRVL tokens have been allocated as rewards to community members, as outlined in the DAO Community Member Commitment section of this paper.
As a community member, you are eligible to participate in the Dtravel DAO by:
  • Voting on Dtravel IPs
  • Submitting Dtravel IPs
  • Applying for grants from the Grants DAO
  • Participating in Support-to-Earn programs via the Community DAO
  • Voting in elections for Representative Council members
  • Contributing to discussions within the Dtravel community to improve the Dtravel experience for hosts and guests using the platform
The Dtravel DAO will work with the community to continually design more opportunities that will further enable community members to participate in the governance and growth of the Dtravel ecosystem.
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