Dtravel DAO Overview
Dtravel is a home sharing community that chooses to structure and govern itself as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The Dtravel DAO economy is built around the TRVL token, and therefore all TRVL token holders are Dtravel community members. The DAO structure enables the community to always remain flexible to redefine and reinterpret itself as Dtravel evolves.
An overarching and perennial goal of the Dtravel community is to build a platform that enables short-term accommodation discovery, bookings and payments, be they in traditional currencies, popular cryptocurrencies, or the TRVL token.
We believe that platforms facilitating bookings between property hosts and guests should provide an opportunity for all users to voice their preferences, vote on decisions, and contribute directly toward the growth and success of the entire ecosystem. After all, who better to make these decisions than those using the platform?
Through tokenized platform voting and initiatives like DAO grants and Support-to-Earn programs — both of which incentivize member contribution — Dtravel is redefining what it means to be part of a global community.
This is what home feels like to us. This is the world of Dtravel.
To understand our vision of what Dtravel believes the future of home sharing looks like, we wrote the Dtravel Manifesto, which shares how a home sharing platform in the Web3 world looks different, why it’s needed, and how Dtravel is building this future.
If you believe in a community of hosts and guests where everyone has an opportunity to contribute and be heard, we invite you to join the Dtravel community to work together to achieve this shared vision.
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