Dtravel DAO Overview

Dtravel DAO

Dtravel is a decentralized platform for the home-sharing economy, facilitating short and long-term stay accommodation discovery, booking and payments. Users are able to make payments with fiat currencies and popular cryptocurrencies, including the native utility token of the Dtravel network, TRVL.
The vision of Dtravel is to become a decentralized community-owned and governed travel booking network. To achieve this vision, Dtravel will establish the Dtravel DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation).
Hosts and guests, as members of the Dtravel network, are required to hold the Dtravel network’s native token, TRVL, if they wish to participate in the governance of the Dtravel network and actively participate in the long-term sustainability and growth of the network.
Through the Dtravel DAO, TRVL token holders may elect to:
    Submit proposals on how to improve the Dtravel network
    Vote on proposals
    Participate in other activities that benefit all members of the Dtravel network and/or their own interests as a Dtravel member. For example, Hosts can earn additional revenue by participating in various aspects of network operations and support, such as customer service, forum management, host onboarding, and dispute resolution


While the Dtravel operations team will bring the platform from zero to one, the Dtravel DAO Representative Council will be elected to develop governance and the constitution for the Dtravel DAO.
Initially, the Dtravel DAO Representative Council will be elected by the genesis contributors and comprise members of Newstart Services, Callisto Solutions, Travala.com, individuals with professional home-sharing platform experience, host representatives, contributing community members, individuals experienced in DeFi asset allocation and risk, and professionals experienced in treasury and grant management.
This Dtravel DAO governance document should be considered as a living document that will be updated over time as the Dtravel DAO Representative Council is elected and finalizes the governance, processes, and constitution for the Dtravel DAO.
A detailed description of the Dtravel DAO Representative Council positions, along with the elected members, will be published once all members have been elected.
Once the Dtravel DAO governance and constitution documentation is finalized it will be published for the Dtravel DAO and Dtravel members will be invited to submit proposals to improve the governance and constitution.
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